Apartment - Frederiksberg

With more than 270 m² and two large bathrooms, this apartment offers an experience of understated luxury in the finest Scandinavian tradition, with a focus on materiality, function, and details. And in all the bathrooms, there are the finest lava tiles from MAROKK, handmade in Sicily.

In the pantry, the very special Lava Volcanic Brown tiles in the 10×60 cm format have been laid, which complement the apartment's golden oak planks. This tile has a special glaze made from a unique volcanic material with both matte and glossy effects on the subdued brown-black surface. A completely unique glaze, fully sealed and easy to clean.

In one of the bathrooms, the LAVA STIX Tuscan Green tile measuring 30.5×6 cm is installed on both the floor and the wall in a herringbone pattern. The walls and furniture are painted in a similar green-beige tone, so almost all the colors in the room complement each other. The use of a matte wall paint and the glossy handmade tiles adds character to the room and a sense of luxurious exclusivity.

The other bathroom features the LAVA STIX Warm Sand tile on both the floor and walls, showcasing the level of detail used in the design and all solutions. The tones are warm, but with a cool Nordic touch that gives the room character and style.

Glazed lava tiles are glossy tiles with a deep glaze that has vibrancy and variation. Occasionally, stone grains and minerals from the raw lava rise through the glaze, which is considered a welcome feature. Lava tiles are handmade; they are not perfect, but they have an incredibly high and beautiful finish.

"The tiles have a subtle and beautiful crackle in the glaze surface, which on dark colors can almost only be seen in backlight. The tiles are very strong, able to withstand high heat and frost, and can be used anywhere in the bathroom and kitchen, for exterior cladding of fireplaces, as countertops, etc. Glazed lava can be ordered in many special formats with a delivery time of 6-8 weeks.