How do i order?

Fill out the form “Get a quote” on the website. Or send an email to info@marokk.dk, with information about which tile you are interested in and the city and postal code for delivery. We will attempt to get back to you within 24 hours.

How long is delivery time?

Depending on your location, tiles we have in stock can be delivered to most of Europe within 4-5 working days. Special orders of Cement, Zellij and Japanese tile are delivered within 8-12 weeks. Lava tiles are delivered from our factory in Sicily in about 5 weeks.

Do you ship international

Yes, we deliver all over the world. We make sure to find the cheapest shipping price and send it in the quote.

Which tiles do you stock?

We stock the Cement, Zellij and Japanese tile found on the website marked “In stock”. Feel free to reach out to info@marokk.dk for questions about stock.

Is there a minimum order

When ordering from stock, the minimum order is 1 box. For custom orders there is a minimum of 6 m2 for Cement, Zellij and Japanese tile. For Lava tile, the minimum order is 4 m2 – you can, however, order as little as 2 m2 of Lava tile for a surcharge of 20%.

Is it possible to order samples?

Yes, you can order here https://marokk.dk/collection/colors

Can tiles be returned?

No, we do not take tiles in return, so calculate your surface area accurately. We will be happy to advice you on how much extra you need to order for cutting when you have your exact surface area. A general advice is to order minimum 10-15% extra.

Can the tiles be picked up in Copenhagen

Yes, the tiles can be picked up at our warehouse on Stamholmen 70, the day after we've received payment.

Can you order special color and formats?

It depends on the size of the project. For larger tasks, special cement tile formats (max 30×30 cm) can be ordered. There is also the option to have custom colors made for an additional fee.
Lava tiles can be made in any rectangular format, up to 60×60 cm.


Can you get delivered tile samples?

Yes you can order here: https://marokk.dk/collection/colors


What are Cement tiles?

Cement tiles are handmade tiles that have not been fired, but cures over a period of approx. 3 weeks. The method was invented around 1850 in the south of France, and had its heyday around Barcelona and the entire Mediterranean between 1920-30.
In recent years, handmade cement tiles have had a renaissance, and we are proud to be able to deliver a premium handmade product, both aesthetically and functionally.
Cement tiles are basically made of concrete, that is cold pressed in a steel mold under hard pressure. In addition to white cement, cement tiles consist of marble powder, color pigments and polyester fibers to reinforce the tiles. They harden in a steam room with stable and correct adapted humidity and heat – watch a video on the website that shows the manufacturing process.

Can cement tiles be installed in a bathroom

Yes, cement tiles can be used on both wall and floor in bathrooms, but on the shower floor there may occur some accummulation of humidity in the tiles. This is perfectly normal and does not mean that the tiles are eroding. The humidity will dampen when the bath is dry again.
On the floor in the shower, there will be a large impact of lime, soaps and dirt, and therefore our instructions for cleaning must be followed carefully. It is not recommended to use acid-based cleaning agents such as e.g. Ajax, lime-remover, etc.
In wet areas, e.g. on the floor in the shower niche, we only recommend installing cement tiles if you appreciate the often somewhat rough patination, that can occur on the tiles around floor drain.

Can cement tiles be installed in a kitchen

Yes, you can install Cement tile on the walls and floor in the kitchen. We do not recommend light Cement tile colors such as Milk, Petal, Pistachio, etc. on the kitchen floor, since stains may be more visible on light colors.

Are cement tiles suitable for outdoor installation?

Yes, Cement tile can be used outdoors on covered terraces, walls, greenhouses, stairs, etc. NOTE: It is not recommended to install Cement tile that are exposed to permanent water like fountains, ponds, pools or areas that are subjected to regular rain/weather.

Do you need to seal cement tiles?

Yes, Cement tile need to be sealed and waxed – see the instructions under “Guides” in the menu.

Can you order special colors or formats of cement tiles?

Yes, but it depends on the type and size of the project. For larger projects it is possible to make nearly any Pantone color, and special formats with a maximum size of 30×30 cm. Please inquire at info@marokk.dk for more info.

Do cement tiles stain easy?

No, not if the tile are properly sealed and waxed according to our guidelines. While it is possible for stains to appear, regular cleaning and maintenance of the tile will keep it looking great. Grease and color stains will most often get caught in the top wax layer, and are removed by dissolving the wax and performing a scrubbing on the stain using an approved stain remover. In general, we do not recommend using bright or light colors such as Milk, Fog, Pistachio, Petal, etc. in the most exposed areas, like a floor in the shower or the kitchen.


What is a Lava tile?

Our exclusive and extremely hardwearing Lava tile is extracted from the volcanic deposits around mount Etna in Sicily. Each tile is hand-cut from large Lava blocks. Lava is the only natural stone that can be glazed and kiln fired to create a ceramic surface. Our Lava tile is available in both raw Lava or with ultra-gloss crackled crystal glazes, and in any custom size that fits your particular project. The combination of the raw Lava and kiln firing at high temperatures gives Lava tile its unique color variation and extremely durable surface strength.

Where can you install Lava tile?

Lava tile can be used both outside and inside, on floors and walls, and bathrooms and kitchens – they are the most exclusive and hardwearing handmade tile in the world. They can withstand water, heat and frost. If the tile are installed outside, some colors may fade slightly if they are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight.

What formats can you deliver in Lava tile?

Lava tile are available in virtually any square or rectangular formats up to 60×60 cm. Raw and glazed Lava can even be made for countertops up to 80×240 cm. Lava tile are cut from large blocks, so it is a product that can be highly customized for your project.

Are Lava tile tested?

Yes, our Lava tile have been tested by an independent Italian laboratory and are approved for both residential and commercial projects, indoor and outdoor on both floors and walls.

What is the delivery time?

Lava tile are delivered directly from the factory on Sicily, and each order is custom made for each client. Delivery time is 4-5 weeks from order confirmation.


What is a Zellij tile?

Zellij tile are the world’s oldest handmade tile still in production, and are made in Fez, Morocco. The tile is handmade by skilled artisans the same way it has been for centuries: The clay is trampled in large basins, then shaped and flattened by hand, and after glazing the tile are fired in large kilns over an open fire. Finally, the Zellij tile are hand-cut to the desired shape, either 10 × 10 cm or 5 × 15 cm. Check out the process in our video on the website. Zellij tile has a rich history and adorns several architectural masterpieces, such as the Alhambra in Granada, the Great Cathedral and Mosque in Cordoba, and Hassan the 2nd’s Mosque in Casablanca. It truly is an artisan craft product!

How do you clean and take care of Zellij tiles?

Natural soaps that are as pH-neutral as possible are used. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents such as Ajax and acidic lime removers. Lime can be removed with Borup Kemi Cleaning Agent for Marble and Terrazzo. Read more about the installation and maintenance of lava tiles under 'Guides' in the website menu.

Where can Zellij tile be installed?

Zellij tile are primarily used on all types of indoor walls, including baths and kitchens. You may use Zellij tile on bathroom floors, and in other low traffic areas, however, it is not recommended for high traffic floor installations, as the Zellij glaze is not strong enough to withstand scratching from furniture, rolling suitcases, etc.

Are the Zellij tile tested?

Yes, our Zellij tile have been tested by the Danish Technological Institute, and can be used on walls in all indoor rooms, as well as on floors with light to moderate traffic such as bathrooms.

What formats are possible?

Zellij tile have a maximum size of 10×10 cm for square tile, and 5×15 cm for rectangular tile. Smaller sizes can be made to order with a delivery time of 8-12. weeks. The minimum factory order is 6 m2. Zellij tile are a mosaic tile that is cut at the factory from a mother tile, and can therefore be delivered in any custom shape and size within 10×10 cm and 5×15 cm.


What is a Japanese tile?

Our Japanese tile are mosaic tile made by Japan’s leading manufacturer of quality tile. Their glazes are among the most beautiful on the market, and display the hallmarks of Japanese minimalism, with a focus on materiality and special glazing techniques. Japanese tile are available in various smaller stick formats, some with concave curves with references to bamboo, a common design material in Japan. Most of the Japanese tile come mounted on 30×30 cm mesh for easy installation.

What is the delivery time?

The tile we stock – see tile marked with “In stock” on the website – can be delivered within 2-5 working days from order, depending on the destination. Tile not in stock, and special orders, can be delivered in 12-16 weeks.

Where can Japanese tile be installed?

Our Japanese tile are mosaic tile designed for use on walls. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, in the bathroom and the kitchen. The narrow width of the tile make them especially suitable for curved surfaces.

Which colors and formats do you stock?

We only stock the colors and formats shown on the website. Other colors and formats can be ordered from the factory with a delivery time of 8-12 weeks.


What if the delivered tile are damaged?

If there has been damage to the tile during delivery, take some pictures of the damage and send them to info@marokk.dk, with a short description of what condition the tile was delivered in. All complaints must be made before installing the tile.

Grouting - how to choose color and width

Grouting is one of the most important aesthetic details when tiling. We generally recommend a narrow joint width (typically 1-2 mm). Or a completely tight joint, so-called crunch joint, to let the tile’s expression and materiality stand out the most. For floor heating installations the width of the joint width must be at least 2 mm to allow for heat expansion. We recommend using a grout color that is slightly lighter or similar to the color tone of the tile. This gives a beautiful uniform look to the installation. We have a large selection of grout colors under “Accessories” on the website.

Will your tile work with in-floor heating?

Yes, all our tile can be installed over in-floor heating. For floor heating nstallations you must maintain a 2mm joint width to allow for heat expansion.

Is it easier to maintain glazed tile like Lava, Zellij and Japanese tile, than Cement tile?

No, that cannot be said unequivocally. But they are different, and you should expect different results. Cement tile will develop a natural patina and become more beautiful over time. Lava and Zellij tile are fired and will therefore not change appearance. Because Cement tile are cast and cured like concrete, and therefore not kiln fired, they will get a patina. Cement tile will fade over time in color (approx. 10% over 5-10 years), and they will get a few scratches and stains, but the vast majority of stains can be removed again with Borup Rengøring til Marmor og Terrazzo. In many ways, the patination of Cement tile can be compared to wood floors, which also get scratches and stains during its lifetime, but can be refreshed and reprocessed when the floor needs it. Like a beautifully aged wooden floor, Cement tile look better and better over time, provided they are installed and maintained properly.