Bathroom - Hellerup

In this house north of Copenhagen lives a musician and project manager who has decorated their home with colors and beautiful materials. In their elegant and luxurious bathroom, the most beautiful handmade lava tiles from Sicily have found their place.

The bathroom has many fine details, a well chosen colour scheme and beautiful patterns. The elegant lava tiles in the STIX format beautifully covers the entire floor of the large bathroom, as well as the walls in the shower niche.

The floor tile colour is Light Lavender, with a fine touch of purple and a tint of grey. This colour goes well with the dark wall tile, LAVA STIX Blue Black, and both tiles are nicely tied together by the blue glass chosen to define the shower niche. The elegant brass fixtures add warmth and glow to the bathroom ambience.

The colour variations in glazed lava that occur from tile to tile, are caused by the small temperature differences in the kiln when firing the tiles. The hand-applied glaze can also vary slightly, thus creating beautiful tonal variations between the tiles and within each individual tile.

Glazed lava tiles are glossy tiles that have an intense, lively and deep glaze. Sometimes stone grains and minerals from the raw lava stone can be seen through the glazing. This is considered as a feature and beauty spot. Lava tiles are handmade, they are not perfect, but they have an unique and beautiful finish.

Lava tiles have a subtle and beautiful crackling in the surface of the glaze, which in dark colours can almost only be seen in backlight. The tiles have a very high breakage strength, and can withstand high temperatures and frost, and can be installed almost everywhere: In bathrooms and kitchens, for the exterior cladding of a fireplace, as a table top, etc.

Glazed lava can be ordered in many special formats with a delivery time of 6-8 weeks. See more about prices, etc.  Link.