Our Japanese tiles come pre-assembled on sheets of net or paper and measure approx. 30×30 cm. The small Japanese mosaics are super easy to install, and suitable for installation on both curved and flat walls.

Choosing the right grout color is an important detail in order to achieve a great result – we are happy to advise you on your choice of grout color.

Follow these instructions to get the best results when installing, grouting and cleaning your new Japanese tiles.
Inspect the delivered tiles before installation, and let us know as soon as possible if there is anything wrong – all complaints must be made before installation.

Our Japanese tiles come on net or paper sheets measuring approx. 30×30 cm. If the tiles are mounted on paper on the front of the tiles, then remove the paper by following the instructions further down in this guide.
The tiles are easy to install: Use a 3 mm notched trowel to distribute the tile adhesive evenly on the surface.

Place a net of tiles at the selected starting point and make sure to stretch the net so that all joint distances are the same. Make sure that the tile adhesive does not go to far up in the joints.

Install subsequent tile nets, making sure all joint lines are level and even, using spacers of appropriate size.

If the tiles come mounted on paper on the front of the tiles, the paper should be removed after installation, and after the tile adhesive has hardened.

To remove the paper, moisten it with a sponge and then remove it by loosening the paper in one of the corners. The surface of the tiles is washed afterwards removal of the paper, to remove any glue residue.

The tiles can be cut either with a traditional tile cutter, or with an angle grinder with a slim disc for stone cutting.
The choice of grout color is important for the final look. In general, we recommend choosing as complementary (“invisible”) joint color as possible. We are happy to help with grout color suggestions.

Mix the grout to a thick yogurt consistency, and make sure to fill the joints well with the grout. Clean with clean water when the grout is almost dry. Polish the tiles when the grout is completely dry. Avoid using acid based detergents to clean the tiles.
Wash the tiles with a mild soap solution for regular cleaning.

Stains, lime residues, etc. can be removed with Fila Cleaner or Borup Kemi Rengøring til Marmor og Terrazzo.

Apply the detergent and let it work for 3-4 minutes, then scrub thoroughly with a rough sponge. Finally, clean and wipe the tile with clean water.