Townhouse - Christianshavn

In central Copenhagen in the home of Danish singer Lukas Graham and Rillo Schwartz, cement tiles cover both walls and floors in their large and bright bathroom on the 1st floor. The matte, dusty surface of the cement tiles and the unique tonal variations of each tile, gives character to the bathroom and makes it a very special experience.

The expressive blue-toned DIAMOND North Sea is installed in an abstract pattern on the walls. The more calm and lighter tiles, STIX Dove, are installed in a herringbone pattern on the floor. Both tiles have been given a complementary grout color to underline the calm and toned-down look.

It can be difficult to get an impression of the cement tile’s beautiful matte finish when you only look at a single tile. But once all the tiles are installed on a surface, one cannot help but notice the uniqueness of the cement tile; the distinct color variations, the ultra-matte surface, and the douche tones.

The bathroom here is a good example of the raw, yet sophisticated expression of cement tiles. Combining two shapes, the DIAMOND and STIX format in two different colors – Dove and North Sea – complement each other and are both calm in expression. It makes the tile patterns really stand out and come into focus in an understated way.

To add some warmth, the fixtures from Vola have been chosen in brass. The same regards the finishes of the edges, which creates a nice coherence in the bathroom.

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