Japanese Kayo Tokyo Grey

€320,00 EUR/m²

incl. VAT

Tile size

14.4 x 1.9 x 0.6 cm

m²/pcs per box

1,74 m² / 20 pcs

Stock status

33,06 m² in stock

Delivery time 2-4 weekdays
Enter the measured number of m²
Enter the measured number of m²
Calculate min. 10-15% extra tiles for cut offs
1 bag of grout goes to 3 m² at 2mm joint
Complementary 4 kg - PCI 31 Cement Grey

Complementary Grout 31 Cement Grey

For a more subtle tile installation, use a complementary grout color from the German brand PCI. The choice of grout color and grout width is very important for the final outcome.

Contrast Grout 16 Silver Grey

Use a contrast grout to achieve a more "tiled" expression, where the lines of the grout are highlighted. A contrast grout with a slightly lighter tone than the tile will enhance the color of the tile.