Lava Custom Stingray

€570,00 EUR/m²

incl. VAT

Tile size

5 standard formats: 10x10 cm, 15x15 cm, 20x20 cm, 30x30 cm og STIX 30,5x6 cm

m²/pcs per box

1,0 m²

Delivery time

6-8 weeks

This tile is not stocked and can only be ordered from the factory. See delivery time and minimum order quantity in the product description below. Fill out the form, and we will send a quote within 24 hours on all business days.

Complementary Grout 21 Grey

For a more subtle tile installation, use a complementary grout color from the German brand PCI. The choice of grout color and grout width is very important for the final outcome.

Contrast Grout 18 Manhattan

Use a contrast grout to achieve a more "tiled" expression, where the lines of the grout are highlighted. A contrast grout with a slightly lighter tone than the tile will enhance the color of the tile.